State Level Apostille/Authentication

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State issued documents must be free of any alterations and/or notarizations. You must submit the original state issued document. You may submit a copy of a diploma/degree only with a degree verification letter. Vital records such as a birth, marriage, divorce, or death certificate, can be scanned and uploaded to our site for processing. We will not accept copies of vital records. Please note: depending on the country in which the document will be used, your document may or may not receive a federal apostille. Generally, state level documents that need to be authenticated will be authenticated at the federal level as well. You can choose to store your uploaded electronic documents indefintely. Due to the sensitive type of documents we receive, your documents will be stored on a physical hard drive and will not be saved to any cloud software. Storing your documents with us allows you to order an apostille, authentication, or notarization without uploading your document again for processing. Standard apostille, authentication, and notarization fees will apply.
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